Braun + Company is FSC® certificated.


FSC®-Label Sustainability and responsibility for the environment:


The FSC® system was established to ensure sustainable and responsible forest management. The target: to optimize the long term social, ecological and economic aspects of forestry management. In addition, FSC® certification encompasses the traceability of product process (chain of custody). We document the complete material flow of our FSC® products to make our processes transparent and to make them traceable. We have created our own manual as a basis for controlling process adherence and implementation of regulations. All employees are trained regularly in FSC® implementation and sustainable handling of raw materials.


Certificate for climate protection 2012


Nordic EcolabelBraun_2005_0069_tissue_paper

Braun+Company is certificated with the Nordic Ecolabel since November 2014. The Nordic Ecolabel is the official environmental certification in Scandinavia.
We fulfill the latest, very strictly criterias of the most important scandinavian eco-label. The Nordic Ecolabel evaluates the entire product life cycle completely from the raw material over the use phase until the consumption.