Creativity and design: keys to the success of our fashionable products.

Braun + Company has installed its own design studio to create a high quality collection of napkins, wrapping paper, bags and matching accessories for our consumers. Our designers look for the latest trends, patterns and colors as well as attending trade shows to seek out the very latest in fashionable styles and trends.

Creativity and empathy for the latest trends are our top priority: beginning with colours, shapes and materials, imaginative designs are adopted and proposals made.

The perfect mood for every table – unique packaging for the most beautiful gifts.

Our designs result from the application of a variety of techniques in which watercolour, drawing, collage, photography as well as digital design and further colouring are developed. A panel of experts then chooses only the very best designs, which are then adopted into our current, most attractive Braun + Company collections of paper napkins and gift wrapping.

The final product has been monitored from start to finish, from designer to printer in our on-site printing facilities, enabling us to present the very best results in printing technique, expression and colour.